Pavers offer a diverse option that gives a lot of character to a home. With the different sizes, shapes and patterns it can be done to fit any setting. Whether it is for a fire pit area to sit around with the family, a welcoming front entry or an easy mowing surface for edging, there are many options to consider. Concrete cracks and settles over time, where pavers are a flexible system, and long term, it is a better option.

We are certified by the Interlocking Concrete Paverment Institute in paver installation.
When we install we try to exceed the ICPI standard. Whether we are installing Anchor, Belgard, Borgert, Willow Creek, or Rochester Concrete Products, you know it will be done right the first time.

Each manufacturer has its own colors and styles, so when it comes to installing a new patio, replacing a cracked concrete sidewalk, removing a sunken tar driveway or adding a relaxing fire pit for family entertainment, there are a lot of choices. With all the styles out there, the possibilities are almost endless.

Paver Edging
A popular option for borders around foundation and flower beds. We can tie in with new or existing patios and make your mowing easier. You can put your lawn mower tire on it and go. It saves you time weed whipping and time maintaining your property.

Whether you want paver, vinyl, granite, flagstone, boulder, or any of the other choices, we can install it for you.

Retaining Walls
Retaining walls have come a long way in the last few years. With more options in style, color and sizes, we can achieve a formal setting or a natural look. What kind of feel do you like? Walls are not just for holding soil and stopping erosion anymore. Most walls are the feature in the yard. Finding the material that fits your lifestyle and needs. Free standing walls can be used for separation of the yard or sitting walls around patios. Pillars are a great effect to highlight walkways and make a bold statement in your yard. Natural stone and fieldstone are great for outcroppings/walls/ steps. There are a lot of choices what we can do for you and your home.

Boulders, also known as fieldstone, can be used for many different applications. Boulder walls, boulder edging, boulder outcroppings, steps, water features and almost anything a person can image.

Block wall
We are certified by the National Masonry Association in segmental retaining walls.
There are lots of manufacturers with different sizes and styles to choose from so when it comes down to picking the right one that does more then just retain your soil. When you meet with us we will bring you catalogs of the manufactures to pick out the style and color that will enhance the look of your yard.

We have installed Anchor, Borgert, Allen Block, Keystone, Versa Lock, so we don’t just use one block for everybody, we will help you pick out the best material for your style and budget.

Natural Stone
Natural stone such as flagstone, granite and bluestone. There are lots of ranges of color and kinds to choose from. We can pick out material to match existing stone work or incorporate a mix of materials that will make your home fit your style and budget.

So when choosing a contractor to work with, make sure that you know what you are getting and that everyone is on the same page. Types and styles of walls can vary a lot and so when looking at bids, make sure you know the difference.

Our Approach
We will help you with literature and places to look at and feel different materials, and we will bring out samples. We want your input through all stages of your project and want you to feel you wouldn’t have done anything different when we are done. We believe in offering a friendly, hardworking approach that we would do for our own family. We will not take a job if we don’t think we can do a good job on it and put our name on it. We want your neighbors to be jealous and for you to tell them about us. Our motto, I believe, says it all “Our Pride-Your Joy”.

Paver Sealing
We are a Surebond Certified Contractor.
Paver sealing is a protection in your investment in your pavers or natural stone. Not only does sealing bring out the color of the stone, but it protects it from fading, staining and erosion. It helps stop from ants digging through and from washing away on slopes. For those areas where a car may be parked and oil stains or those BBQ areas, sealing is a must. There are different finishes, which really enhance the final look of the project. The sealant choices are: wet look, joint stabilizer, and high-gloss finish. All stabilize the joints and protect the stones, but the final look is different. When you are making an investment in your home, it is the same as changing the oil in your car and washing and waxing your vehicle. It performs better and looks better, and it makes less maintenance.

Shrub trimming
Maintaining your plants is crucial to the health and look of your landscape. Proper thinning and removal of excess growth will make your landscape look better and will be easier to maintain. Cutting back of perennials and clean up or splitting will make your plants healthier and make your beds look better.

Whether a person wants a natural setting or a formal setting we will work hard to give you a plant list that will give color for all the seasons whether it is evergreens, shrubs or perennials and how much work a person wants to take care of. We try to incorporate your lifestyle and wants to make your house feel like home.

Existing Lawns/Access
We try to be efficient on how we do your job so we can access your yard with our walk behind bobcat with tracks so we don’t tear up your existing yard and can fit through most gates which saves time and money getting materials in and out without taking the fence apart or tearing up your yard. We also use track mats when needed to protect lawns in soft spots or making lots of trips. We reduce the need a lot of the time for resodding or damage to existing elements.

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