Our Process

Contact us to set up an appointment to go over your landscape needs. 612-730-5717

We offer a few different options:

1. Free Estimates. A walk through of your basic landscaping needs and an estimate is mailed.

2. Consultations. When you are not sure of what you want and need, or what options are out there, this is what most homeowners will need for any kind of real transformations. We will come out for about hour or so to look through different wants and needs, take measurements, and come up with some ideas for what you want. There is a small fee for consultations normally between $25–$75 depending on location.

3. Virtual Design. We take digital pictures, and with our program, we show you how your patio, walls or plants will look like at your home. This is a great option for those people how can’t visualize how things are really going look. It is not to scale, but is very close. Price ranges from $100–$350.

We will work with you to make sure we achieve your long term results. Landscaping can be a costly investment. We can either do it in one project or in different stages. Adding a patio one year, plantings the next year, and updating and finishing in the future. We will make sure we do things in order of priority and in budget. No matter what your needs are, we are here to help you make your house feel like home.

When you drive by a house you notice the landscaping more than the house a lot of the time. A person sees your lawn, whether or not you have trees or shrubs, and what is going on around your house. For this reason, we all love to watch HGTV with all those design shows. Landscaping is one of the best investments for the money a person can do for their house. Landscaping is at least 10% of a house value. With the downturn of house values, don’t let the biggest investment you are going to make become even less. Facts show that houses that have updated landscapes sell faster and bring more money than what was spent on the investment in landscaping. Whether it is refurbishing your old landscape or a new house, we can help with your needs.

Here is what you will get from us to start

  • A walk through of your property to get a feel of your wants and needs.
  • A virtual design showing your house and what the final outcome can look like before we start.
  • Quick turn-around, bid to completion.
  • 15 years in the landscape industry.
  • Flexibility to work with the homeowners to fit into their budgets, by picking the right material and to break it down into phases for their budget.
  • An owner that will be with you from the estimate to the final clean-up.
  • Experienced installers.
  • Personal Touch – we look at our homeowner’s house/yard like it were our own.
  • An approach that your home is your house. It shouldn’t look like every other one in town. It should fit your lifestyle and how much you want to use it.

When choosing who will work on your home, make sure they are:

  1. Insured.
  2. That you are comparing “apples to apples” on the outcome of your project.
  3. The contractor is going to stick to the price on the project they quote you.
  4. They are installing the best material for the project.
  5. They are installing the material properly.
  6. They are going to start the project and stay on the project until it’s done.

That is why our first clients are still with us and WE LOVE WHAT WE DO, so let us work with you! Our Motto says it for us, “Our Pride – Your Joy.”

Services we offer:

  • Virtual Design
  • Paver patios, sidewalks, driveways, edging
  • Retaining walls: boulder, block and natural stone
  • Stairs: natural stone, block, paver, step units
  • Mulching: decorative rock, mulch
  • Trimming: shrub trimming and clean ups
  • Animal repellent to help protect your plants from deer and rabbits
  • Bobcat Service: tilling/grading/removal/prep
  • Drainage Corrections/Drain Tile
  • Paver Sealing
  • Plantings

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